Kristen Stewart Fashion Style
Kristen Stewart Fashion Style
"I do like to look at what I wear, though. It’s not like I put on a fucking dress and don’t care about it after."
It’s that time again, guys…

Turning off anon for now. I have over 500 questions and want to clear the ole inbox out. You can still ask questions, I’ll just answer privately to avoid overwhelming you guys’ dashes.

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Anonymous asked: Wow i'm actually on the verge of dying from her beauty!!It's insane dude x)

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kungfukillerwolf asked: You are so incredibly nice to everyone who comes by your blog and leaves you a message, and I adore that about you. I've loved your blog since I found it and of course I adore KStew. Thanks for making this blog so wonderful and for being so kind to your followers xx

Thank you so much, man—->you guys are the ones who are super sweet and awesome to talk to. xxx

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Anonymous asked: I heard Kristen is dating a girl now! Is it true??

Might be!

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Anonymous asked: Just wanted to share that BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters, especially when on sale, are great inexpensive substitutes for the 7 for all mankind jeans Kristen wears! xo

Thank you!

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Anonymous asked: when you are editing your links how do you link them spesifically? like how you have 'My Sets' 'More fashion styles' how did you edit them?

I add custom links to my theme based on what I tag. So everything in “My Sets” are tagged “inspired.” It helps group them all xx

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Anonymous asked: Missing twilight


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kristen stewart needs to hurry up and start promoting her 17 movies we are almost halfway through 2014 why she playin games

(via heartkbitch)

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shinyo87 asked: Hi Stew...;-)

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synthetic-audio asked: Hi! Do you know when that photo shoot was wearing the green hat with hair short and/or tucked in? Can't seem to really find any info about it anywhere. Also any idea where to find a similar hat?

I found a similar beanie thrifiting!

I say look at UO and Zumiez

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Anonymous asked: i LOVE this picture, too! (this blog) /post/67798381717/idk-why-i-love-this-picture do you know where to get this blazer/anything similar? (sorry I forgot to attach link in last Q) x

Here’s one


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Anonymous asked: do you know if rob and Kristen are together? I NEED to know bc they are definitely my otp and they have to be together forever

I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like it…

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